Business intelligence:

Radix Informatics Business Intelligence solutions are designed to empower organization with information. In today's highly competitive and dynamic business environment, information is vital to survival. Organiza- tions spend millions of dollars on business solutions that are designed to capture data, but little is done to transform this data into meaningful business information. That's where Radix Informatics technologies Business Intelligence solutions come in. Using our proven methodology, we deliver key business metrics to desktop in a timely fashion, with a format that is both intuitive and highly interactive.

Our Business Intelligence solutions are designed to give you direct access to the information that you need, when you need it. This effectively removes IT from the middle of the information-delivery chain, freeing this critical resource to focus on other business problems.

Business Stategy
Our ability to offer guidance throughout the highest levels of leadership is cultivated by our ability to architect and execute solutions
that matter most. This focus on sound strategic direction provides a high-level road map that can manage and expand channels,
enhance revenue, and penetrate markets that may have previously been inaccessible. Our knowledge and use of business intelligence tools allows our clients to make calculated decisions based on real-time data, thus providing accurate and effective results
Extending Relation

By helping to orientate leadership direction and formulate operational practices, Radix Informatics technologies can also effectively refine how company goes to market. By improving the ways in which the company deploy their sales force, manage traditional customer relatio- nships and build an integrated marketing and communications plan, we can help the craft every touch point between the company and customers

Forming a Structure
Our skill in analyzing company's internal structure enables Radix Informatics technologies to enhance business processes, operational efficiencies and manage or reduce overall costs. By optim- izing supply chain through supplier collaboration and ration- alization we can improve the relationships that support business
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