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Radix Info is your trusted SAP Online partner, our SAP Online training entails all SAP modules.. SAP Real time experts- Most experienced in offering SAP Corporate training, SAP In-house and Onsite training. Our expert knowledge in ERP- SAP, Oracle, Data Warehouse and BI is benefitting many corporates and individual learners all around the world.
How Online Training differs from Physical Classroom ?

When we're talking about an online classroom, we mean a synchronous environment with an instructor and participants in multiple locations. This involves speaking and interacting with one another at the same time, much as they would in a physical classroom. Participants can take surveys or tests, and participate in learning activities in a number of different ways. For Ex :Live streaming video online is how you access this dynamic online instructor-led training (ILT) class.

Similarities and differences – Live Vs Online?

At Radix Info we provide live, online training and our experience indicates that moving from the traditional classroom environment is not a difficult task. We train both employees and customers using the elearning technology.

Let's look at the similarities and differences between live, online training and the physical classroom training that many of us are so familiar with.

Imagine what you would do in a physical classroom: you raise your hand, speak to the instructor, say yes or no, participate in a class discussion, listen to lecture while looking at content, view a demo, do exercises to reinforce learning, and so on. All of these things are available to you in the online classroom as well. As an instructor, we can demonstrate an application and allow a participant to try their hand at performing a specific task, we can write on a slide or whiteboard, and so on.

The mapping between the physical classroom and the live, online classroom is striking and makes it very easy for both participants and instructors to make the switch. In the live, online training, you have the advantages of instructor and participant familiarity with the classroom environment—something most of us have been involved in since we were quite young. The difference is that this all takes place online, without visual cues or feedback.

What are the advantages of live, online training?

The primary advantage of online training over physical classroom training is:

  • Reducing the amount of travel both participants and instructors must do, thus resulting in a reduction of the costs associated with this travel.
  • Similarity of live, online training to the physical classroom training makes it easy for employees or customers to participate in live, online training sessions because they have the physical classroom experience.

Will this be an alternative technology for learners?

Basically learners are ready and willing to try this technology. Our studies indicate that they learn as much as those who participate in a physical classroom. By using the Internet at their own desks, participants do not have the stress incurred with travel. They can go home to their families at night and use peers at their work site as mentors if necessary.

Is Physical Class room training becoming obsolete?

Absolutely not! There is and always will be a need for the physical classroom. We see Live, online learning as an additional way to get information to participants and reduce the need for travel and time away from the job. Our instructors will find themselves teaching both physical and virtual classes.

How do I schedule my live, online training sessions?

In our experience, for individual SAP participants we have found 60- to 90-minute modules to be a good length for live, online training. If the modules must be longer, a break would be helpful, just as you would have a break in a physical classroom. The corporate model, where participants sign up for a course and then participate in a series of modules over the course of two to five days. However, we offer you a lot of flexibility in choosing and scheduling your live online training sessions. All this, only to make your Online training experience a memorable one. Live, online training can be a lot of fun for both the instructor and the participants and it's not a difficult transition for either.

So relax, put your feet up and start training.